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In part 1 of the article, we talked about self-assessment when choosing a worthy pilates studio. In this seqel, we are going to talk about studio appraisals, the right questions to check out pilates studios when choosing which pilates studio to train for.

In part 2 of the article, we make our assessment on pilates
studios on the market. As different pilates studios specialize in a wide variety
area, it is important for you to choose the right one for yourself.

Questions about The Studio / Training:

1. How do beginners in pilates get started?
2. What do studios specialize in and what are the group class sizes?
How are group classes conducted?
3. Comparison between normal pilates session vs pilates rehabilitation session?
And the validity period? What are the studio’s main clients like?
4. How old is the studio? How about
instructor credentials and experience?

Things that need to be fixed in deciding a Pilates studio

1. Identify a Real Pilates Studio

Joseph Pilates never intended Pilates to be the “cardio” program it ever had! And it
should not be taught like that. It should not be done as a sport to lose kilos.
You will definitely feel better and firmer after practicing Pilates and if you manage to lose some
heavy with it, that’s great! But don’t rely on it as a “lose weight” or tool
because Pilates is not about feeling “burn”. Pilates exercises work
on deep stabilizers and deep body muscles, while the cardio program works
in the suprafikial muscles. Eccentric Pilates
and work hand in hand with any convoluted cardio workout.

2. System & amp; Culture Studio
Visit and tour the studios that interest you. Beware of studios without
regular location. They are not authentic. An authentic pilates studio must
have at least 1-2 pilates reformers. Look people who are
practice in the studio and find out their likes and dislikes from the studio. Learn about the history of the studio and
what programs do they have for pilates beginners.

Here are other tips to keep in mind:

Medical examination
How does the studio handle calls? Do they ask that?
about previous medical history for any medical conditions? What are the arrangements for people with
special needs (eg back injury)? Pilates beginners should always start
with private sessions to understand Pilates basics before attending group sessions.
And group classes should not be recommended for people with injuries or medical conditions until they recover.

Does Price Reflect Quality?

Would you take price as an indicator of how much your health is worth?
You may be able to answer this question if you have experienced intense pain before.
If you need to see a doctor for serious aliment, what are you going to go to
practitioners or specialists who are experts in the field? Chances are,
specialist because he or she is in a better position to vouch for your results.
Understand that experts who have the skills and experience invest a considerable amount
in themselves to become experts! Therefore, invest in your pilates trip with
Skilled Pilates Instructor for a great start.

Do they really care about you?

So you’ve just got your package and can’t wait to get started! If your package doesn’t have
expiration date, will you seriously commit to your program? The answer is
most likely “no”! There is no great success without a big commitment!

A plan with a working timeframe supports clients and not studios! Becomes
warns of packages with an extended or no-expiration date. For some studios chasing your money,
as long as you pay, their after-sales service stops and they don’t bother to remind you
You from your expiration date. They don’t really care, money
taken. That’s all that matters! A long expiration date will hinder your progress
than to speed it up!

Now, you need to be fairly complete about the questions to ask
pilates studio. In part 3, I will focus on the pilates studio that deals with
needs and how to assess your pilates studio credentials.